Executive Director  & Head Supervisor (& Fairy Queen)

Our brilliant Executive Director of Highlands Out of School Care Society is Elsie Webb! Although this one title is not enough to describe her. To our kids she is Fairy Queen Elsie who is always kind, willing to help, and dressed up in some crazy costume.


To the community she is much much more. In 2003 she began working with North Shore Emergency Management. Currently she holds the position of a Level 1 Responder where she is on call 24/7 in case of emergency situations such as fire's or earthquakes. She also volunteers at Canuck Place Children's Hospice since October 2008, working to support families with children at end of life.


Elsie also is a great supporter of the Canadian Cancer society. Every year since 2006 she has participated in Daffodil Days and recently as of January 2014 has taken over as a Team Leader for the North Shore. In the summer Elsie attends 2 family events at Camp Goodtimes supporting Kids with Cancer!


Back in Kids Club she manages all the 'Exciting' jobs like paperwork, payroll, fairy magic & other bits and bobs! She has been with us since 2001 and been our director since 2002.


Floor Supervisor (& Elvish Princess)

Krystal began working at Highlands Out of School Care Society in March 2004 as a substitute caregiver. Shortly after she joined the team full time as a Special Needs Aid and Kinder Care teacher.


In 2007 she took over as the Floor Supervisor helping Elsie manage all the fairy magic. Through out her time at Kids Club she has joined Elsie supporting the Canadian Cancer Society and Emergency Social Services.


In 2009 Krystal moved to Virginia where her husband was stationed with the US Marine Corpse. For the next two years she would volunteer with military programs such as the USO. She also was a member of the Metro DC Care Team, a unique organization of Military wives trained to work with families who had recently lost a service member, because most of the families were away from home the care team would step in and help daily functions of the family and funeral preparations until relatives could arrive.


In 2011 Krystal returned to HKC when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan for the 2nd time and was happy to rejoin the team. She is currently enrolled in college starting courses to earn her Early Childhood Educator's Assistant certificate, and working towards a Degree in Early Childhood Education.


Care Giver (& Ninja Lord)

Lawrence joined Highlands out of School Care Society in September 2007 and is currently working towards his teaching degree at CapU. Lawrence is our Science & Math Guru. Making regular appearances as Lawrence-a-pedia he introduces our children to a wide variety of topics such as chemical reactions, volcanology, Lepidopterology, polymers, the colour spectrum, recycling, and many more. In the afternoon Lawrence is our transportation expert doing pickup's from Canyon Heights and also Leading our Homework Program with the kids in grade 3 or 4 and up.


He also is our Ninja-Nightmare-Catcher, Lawrence gives all the kids plastic bags and when they have a bad dream they may put it in the plastic bag and bring it to Lawrence for vanquishing.


His other ninja powers include:


1. The Power to go invisible when no one is looking.

2. the Power to breath under water accept if he is wet.

3. Ultimate Ninja powers only when no one is around.

4. The power to moon walk only on the moon.

5. The power to fly really fast, towards the ground only.

6. The power to turn water in to slightly yellow water.

7. The power to see thru his eyelids when he blinks.

8. The power to move through time at the speed of time.

9. The power to be unstoppable when no one is stopping him.

10. The power to walk through things that only people can't see.

11. The power to see invisible things that other people can't see.


Care Giver (& Crafty Wizard)

Blair first started volunteering with Highlands Kids Club three months before joining our team officially in 2012. He graduated from the University of Alberta and has a degree in Psychology. He is also a volunteer at Canuck Place Children's hospice supporting families with children at end of life.


Blair recently joined the Canadian Cancer Society's Camp Goodtimes, a medically supervised camp for children with cancer and their families. Blair's role is hosting the arts and crafts program and hosting families through a fun and magical summer camp experience. At Kids Club Blair is our local Arts & Craft wizard! Always kind and caring he guides the children through imaginative and creative play, while teaching valuable social skills and interactions.

Care Giver (& Game Guru)


Danny joined us in 2012 as a volunteer working towards practicum hours. He has since joined our team officially in February 2013.


Danny adds a exciting energy to the centre, helping to organize the homework club & many outside activities. He is also bi-lingual fluent in both English and French.


ECE Teacher (& Teacher Trish)

Teacher Trish as our kids love to call her is our  ECE Supervisor for the group childcare program at HKC. She also joins us in the out of school care program after 3pm/school holidays and pro days. She finished her teaching degree at SFU in 2014 and has been an ECE teacher since 2007.  

We were lucky enough to have Trish join our team in 2013. She is very passionate about teaching and molding young minds through play and hands on learning.

Care Giver (& Chef)




ECE Teacher (& Kunoichi)

Michiko joined us in December 2015 when she started her practicum work experience. Since then she has completed her ECE 2017 and we have been happy to have her on our staff. She helps us out in both our Afterschool program and Group Childcare program as licensed ECE teacher.


Her kind and quiet nature is a great asset and we are thankful to have her on our staff.