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S U M M E R   2 0 1 9

Monday - Friday  ||  7:30am - 6pm

What to bring...

• Weather Appropriate Clothing

• Water bottle

• Sunscreen

• Morning snack

• Lunch

• Swim suit, towel

• Water sandals or shoes

• Shorts

• Change of Cloths


*Please label all belongings with your child’s name*


Here is a downloadable version of our summer documents. If you are unable to print they are avalialbe at our centre in paper form. 


Please make sure the registration is filled out ASAP

 The Calendar of Events will be released around the third week of June...

The Program...

Every year we put out a detailed calendar of events we will be holding throughout the summer. We do our best to make each and ever day exciting and fun for the kids. We plan two field trip days a week that usually consist of a big field trip (example: Science World/Aquarium) and a swimming day. The other three days are filled with picnic's at the park, science, art activities, and theme days. 


Some of our most favourite activities are Rock Star Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Structural Science (We create protective cases from recyclables and put an egg in it and see how far we can drop them without the egg breaking!)

Visits from Lawrence-O-Pedia! Our resident scientist!

Swimming @ 



Visits from our friends like Van Puppets & Norden the Magician!

Sand, feathers, pipe cleaners, canvas you name it we have it! 

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