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Your Feedback Means the World to Us!

Scott and Inge Gray,

"We both found the entire staff at Highlands Kids Club to be engaged with our children and creative in their choices for activities through the week.


Elsie and her staff have found a winning combination of field trips, arts-based activities and science projects that both our children enjoyed and shared with us during dinner time conversations. Our children have never been happier than when they were attending.


We are looking forward to our children spending another summer next year with the team at Highlands Kids Club. Thanks to the whole team for creating such a great environment."

Kim Tempest

"I started to send my daughter, Arden, to Kid's club part-time when she was five years old and I was going through cancer treatment. HKC provided her with the structure, support and love that she needed as we went through this difficult time.


Arden returned to Kid's club during school breaks and as she grew she learned about leadership responsibility. She is now 13 and still goes to Kid's club but as a volunteer. She wants to give back and share the solid foundation she gained at HKC."


Sadly Kim succumbed to her Cancer on Dec 16th 2011 -


She will be greatly missed.

Melanie MacBurnie,

"I just wanted to send everyone at Kids Club a big thank you and major kudos!


 My two children, Lauren and Liam, have been going to Kids Club for about 5 years now. They absolutely love spending their time there and talk about the staff daily! I have never met a more dedicated and caring bunch of individuals in my life and we are so fortunate to be a part of the Kids Club team. 


The staff at Kids Club are amazing! It's the little things they do to make the kids feel safe and cared for. From Lawrence's 'Ninja' cards and ziplock bags to chase Liam's bad dreams away to helping Lauren get through her math homework. From Elsie's 'magic' powers to always know the right thing to say to make you feel better to Blair's hugs to chase the blues away. Lori, Carolyn, Dan and Sherri - words cannot say how amazing they all are! 


Our kids are the luckiest kids around. The summer program is wonderful. As a working parent, it is so difficult to take the time off work and give our kids a fun summer. Kids Club has the best summer program I have ever seen. Jam-packed with fun activities and educational field trips. My husband and I had the opportunity to tag along one year to Playland with Kids Club. I was so impressed with how organized they were which made the day seamless. I was exhausted, but the staff had so much energy, where they found it, I do not know!


Please keep up the great work and the only thing I need to worry getting them to leave at the end of the day to go home!!



Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Robert and Nancy MacKay

"We have been very fortunate to have had Elsie involved with our 2 children over the last 4 years ... She is a highly skilled and capable director. 


The consistency and enthusiasm Elsie and her staff bring to Kids Club every day is truly amazing ... with many field trips and opportunities for fun and learning ... like the annual Halloween haunted house or the production of the 'Kids Club Rocks' CD each year. She also provides access to experts for her staff and parents to learn."

Dawn Cheng



"Elsie has had such a positive influence on those around her. She is an enthusiastic and hardworking person who has created a warm and loving environment for the children she looks after.


The children do feel safe to approach her with any concerns they have, and she makes them feel comfortable as she listens carefully to them. She is able to reach even the shyest child with her kindness. 


She is truly inspiring ... both in her activities at the Kid's club and the community."

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